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Juggling in Schools

This is something I’m very passionate about. I believe that alongside the more traditional sports like football, rugby, netball and rounders that juggling should also be delivered to school children. Why? That’s a good question. In short juggling is good … Continue reading

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‘Civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe’ – H G Wells

No truer a statement has ever been written than the one that forms the title of today’s post, which will focus on an experience I had at a baked potato stand I was at in Bristol. My wife (then girlfriend) … Continue reading

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I hate sport!

Not me. I love sport. Not all sports, but most. I really enjoy rugby and other contact sports. I also like strength sports and the field games at athletics events. Skating, surfing, snowboarding and other extreme sports are also great … Continue reading

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‘I’m thinking of becoming a primary school teacher.’

– Rhod Gilbert I’ve been listening to Rhod’s interview for The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast on the way home from today’s gig, it was recorded back in August 2012 and the comedy superstar announced that he’d quite like to go into … Continue reading

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Francis Bacon paintings fetch £21 million at London auction

With all this talk of Renaissance Men I just discovered this story on the BBC. “Francis Bacon paintings make £21m at London auction Two works by British artist Francis Bacon, including the first painting he ever sold, have fetched more … Continue reading

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Science + Art = The Future

Traditional education systems all over our tiny planet focus on the sciences, alongside languages, technology and mathematics, as the priority subjects taught to children. The arts, humanities and physical education are sidelined and deemed less important. As those who have … Continue reading

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London House is 3D Illusion

Be prepared to have your mind go in to complete meltdown… Leandro Erlich, an Argentinian artist, has built a Victorian-style house in London that doesn’t exist. It is nothing more than a very clever optical illusion… Yet you can see … Continue reading

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