‘I’m thinking of becoming a primary school teacher.’

– Rhod Gilbert

I’ve been listening to Rhod’s interview for The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast on the way home from today’s gig, it was recorded back in August 2012 and the comedy superstar announced that he’d quite like to go into teaching.

To many the movement of performer to teacher seems almost backwards with most more likely to want to go the other way seeing teaching as the 9-5 and performing as something special. But like any job that you’ve done for a while the romantic image fades and reality eventually sinks in.

Rhod didn’t say much about why he wanted to become a teacher, but what he did say rang true with some of my own reasons for wanting to make the transition.

Besides, there are many similarities between being a good performer and being a great teacher. They share many of the same skills. At least I think they should.

If you’d like to listen to the Rhod Gilbert interview you can get more info on this and loads of other brilliant interviews over at www.ComediansComedian.com.

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