From Performer to Teacher: The first steps on a long journey.

Hello, welcome to my very first blog.

Well, I say first blog. I’ve attempted to write blogs before, but after a few posts I’d get bored or find that I didn’t have all that much to say and so they have all gone by-the-by.

My name is Roslyn Walker and I’m an entertainer… At least most people think that’s who I am and what I do.

My professional name, or stage name, is Roslyn Walker. Its not the name I was given by my parents, its not the name on my driving licence or on my passport and my wife isn’t Mrs Walker. But its what most people call me, at least at the moment, so for now its the name I’ll continue to use on this blog and within my professional life.

I’m in the process of making some huge changes within my career and this blog is my way of tracking and sharing those changes. I could say I’m doing it to help other people, and if it does that’ll be phenomenal, but I honestly don’t know if people will care much for my journey or even where my journey will ultimately take me. I’m at the beginning of something new, at least its new for me, and if anyone wants to follow along you are most welcome.

If you’re going to come with me in to the future then you’ll probably need to know where I started. Of course you might not care either way, but I’m going to give you a potted history none-the-less.

I started my working life in 1998 working for a now nonexistent company (at least in the UK) called Dave & Busters. I was there for a few months before leaving to join the bar team at TGI Fridays, where I was able to use my juggling skills (acquired from five-years at circus school) to flip, bounce and balance bottles and bar equipment as I served guests.

My time at Fridays was a fun one, but I couldn’t see myself mixing drinks for the rest of my life so I went in search of greater things. This led me to mainland Europe, Germany to be precise, where unexpectedly I ended up working as a flair bartender.

Another year passed and I returned to the UK and being jobless I was willing to take pretty much anything that came my way. And what came my way was yet another series of bar jobs. Starting off in a backstreet strip joint (not my finest hour) and ending up at Bank, which was at the time Birmingham’s premier cocktail bar.

I was good at my job, enjoyed it, but it wasn’t right. So I started a part-time college course that led me to doing a journalism degree. Quite how I got there I’m unsure. It wasn’t my intention when I started college, it just kind of happened.

After graduating in 2007 I was determined not to end up back behind the bar and apart from a two-week period in January 2010 where I ended up working for B@1 in Covent Garden I’ve managed to survive from performing work, which if you’d told my 15-year-old self that I’d be able to make a living from juggling and performing magic I’d have been the happiest person ever to walk the Earth.

But the 29-year-old me in 2010 wasn’t happy. I wanted to do something that I felt was more worthwhile.

And in September of that year my wish came true. After teaming up with my father-in-law’s company, Shooting Stars Circus Skills, they marketed my new school show Forces & Motion: A Circus Science.

Three years on and the show is doing better than ever. I absolutely love performing it, but I’ve also found that its caused new questions to manifest itself within my mind. Little cerebral itches that I have to scratch.

What happens when the kids go back to the classroom after the show ends?

What if I was in the classroom after the show ends?

What if I was always in the classroom?

What if I was their teacher?

Hmm… What if I was their teacher?

The only way to find out is to do it.

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